The World of

Sleepy Lion


The Author

Robin Crockett

Anything you create that makes other people’s lives better will always make your life better.

Robin Crockett


In September of 2022, the stories of Sleepy Lion began. The first book, “A Rough Patch”, in the Sleepy Lions series promotes family values, self-awareness, and kindness to others. Robin Crockett is an acclaimed children’s book author, passionate storyteller, and a seasoned entrepreneur.

The Books

A Rough Patch

Sleepy Lion and his friends are sharing how they are missing the extra time they have together in the summer. His chores take up a lot of his time. See how his friends step in to help him and learn the value of teamwork and friendship!

A Cloudy Day

As Sleepy Lion was waking up, he was not feeling like himself, but he just could not put his finger on why. Read how Sleepy Lion shared how he felt with his mom and felt much better and understood the importance of talking about how he felt to someone he knew he could trust.

The Big Day

Sleepy Lion is excited about his first family vacation on an airplane. The problem is his excitement has turned to fear due to it being his first time flying. See how his friends help reassure him that although first times are scary its okay to try new things.

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